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Hard Copy Instructions:

Complete the amendment submission form and submit to H-312 the Capitol the following:

  1. The completed form;
  2. 1 brief (1-2 Sentences) factual summary of the amendment; and
  3. 30 copies of the amendment (stapled if multiple pages).

Electronic Submission Instructions:

The Committee also requires submission of your amendment electronically via the Amendment E-log-in Form. The following information must be provided:

  1. Bill Number
  2. Member Name
  3. Office Phone Number or Direct Staff Contact Number
  4. Staff Contact email
  5. Legislative Counsel File Number (appearing in the upper left and corner of the draft, e.g. Name_001.xml)
  6. Whether the Member wishes to testify before the Committee
  7. A brief description (1-2 Sentences) that matches the hard copy description
  8. The text of the amendment (in PDF form)

PLEASE NOTE: - The Committee does not consider an amendment as "filed" until all above requirements are met. Submission of an amendment electronically DOES NOT relieve your office of the requirement to send the appropriate staff person to physically file the amendment with the Committee in its offices.

To submit an amendment electronically via the Amendment E-log-in Form click on the link below.

I have read the above statement and agree with its terms