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Jun 25, 1999


The Rules Committee will be meeting the week of June 28th to grant a rule on H.R. 10, the "Financial Services Act of 1999." The bill was reported by the Committee on Banking and Financial Services on March 23, 1999, and by the Committee on Commerce on June 15, 1999.

Any Member contemplating an amendment should submit 55 copies of the amendment and a brief explanation to the Rules Committee in H-312 of the Capitol no later than Tuesday, June 29 at 3 p.m.

Amendments should be drafted to the amendment in the nature of a substitute printed in the GPO Rules Committee print, which will be available to Members later today in the Rules Committee office. A version of the amendment in the nature of a substitute is now available on the Rules Committee web site. Members should use the Office of Legislative Counsel to ensure that their amendments are properly drafted and should check with the Office of the Parliamentarian to be certain their amendments comply with the Rules of the House.

Please contact me or Erin Evans of the Rules Committee staff at 5-9191 if you have further questions