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May 20, 2008

Summary and Text of Amendments Submitted to H.R. 5658 – Duncan Hunter National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2009

Summary and Text of Amendments Submitted to the Rules Committee for

H.R. 5658 - National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2009

Listed in Alphabetical Order

May 21, 2008 1:14 PM




Abercrombie (HI)


Would direct the DOD, in conjunction with the State Department, DEA and USAID, to study the efficacy of purchasing the Afghan poppy crop for pharmaceutical research and manufacture and investing the proceeds in growing the agricultural base of Afghanistan.

Akin (MO)


Would increase funding for Future Combat Systems by $193 million.  The increase would be offset by (1) a $30 million reduction in Navy research, development, test, and evaluation; (2) a $138 million reduction in DOD military personnel; and $25 million from the Defense Health Program.

Akin (MO)


Would add H.R. 6023, the Freedom to Serve Act, to title V of the bill.  The amendment would make it a federal criminal offense (1) to interfere with or intimidate any person providing military recruiting services, (2) to intimidate or interfere with anyone inquiring about service in the U.S. armed services or National Guard of any state, or (3) to damage or destroy any recruiting facility or attempt to do so.  A penalty includes a fine, imprisonment, or both.

Baca (CA)


Would amend titles 10 and 14, United States Code, to require 90 percent gold content and 10 percent alloy content in the Medal of Honor.

Bean (IL)/Kirk (IL)


Permits the Defense Secretary to transfer, without reimbursement, the new Navy ambulatory care center, parking structure, etc. to the Department of Veterans Affairs upon conclusion of a resource sharing agreement between DOD and the Department of Veterans Affairs for the joint use of a facility known as the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center.  It also provides for the transfer of civilian personnel between the departments for operation of the Center.  It also extends the authority for the Joint Incentives Program from 2010 to 2020.  It establishes in the Treasury a DOD-VA Health Care Sharing Incentive Fund and requires each Secretary to contribute $15 million to it annually.

Berkley (NV)


(WITHDRAWN) Would instruct the Secretary of the Interior, along with an advisory committee, to conduct a study to identify sites and resources in the United States that are significant to the Cold War, including flight training centers, manufacturing facilities, communications and command centers (such as Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado), and nuclear weapons test sites (such as the Nevada test site).  The Advisory Committee will make recommendations for commemorating and interpreting the sites and resources identified by the theme study.  The amendment authorizes $500,000 to carry out the study.

Berman (CA)


Adds an additional finding to title XVI of the bill (Reconstruction and Stabilization Civilian Management) to reflect the Administration's request for stabilization activities.  It also modifies the amendment to the Foreign Assistance Act made by section 1604 of the bill relating to using otherwise transferred or reprogrammed funds for stabilization or reconstruction assistance to have it apply to fiscal years 2009, 2010, and 2011 instead of fiscal years 2008, 2009, and 2010.  It also increases the amount that can be used for these purposes from $100 million to $200 million.

Bishop, Rob (UT)


Provides the Secretary of Defense (or his designee) authority to procure fuels from alternative fuel sources, such as coals-to-liquids, tar sands, and oil shale, if the Secretary determines that it is in the best interest of defense readiness and national security.

Bishop, Rob (UT)


Would provide waiver authority to the Secretary of Defense (or designee) to section 526 of the Energy Independence Act of 2007 (procurement and acquisition of alternative fuels) if such a waiver is deemed necessary by the Secretary, in his/her sole discretion, to further readiness of the Armed Forces and national security objectives.

Bishop, Sanford (GA)


Would provide 180 days of transitional health care to those service members who separate honorably from active duty and agree to serve in the Guard or Selected Reserve at no charge to the service member.  It would offset the cost by cutting $22 million from the Missile Defense Agency.

Blumenauer (OR)


(REVISED) Would require the Defense Secretary to establish a program to research and develop unexploded ordnance detection technology and facilitate the deployment of this technology in the field.  The Secretary may carry out the program via grants or other financial arrangements with states, private companies, academic institutions, or other nongovernmental entities.  The amendment authorizes $10 million for the program and requires an evaluation of progress by January 2010.  The funding is offset by a $10 million cut in Defense-wide research, development, test, and evaluation.

Bordallo (GU)


(WITHDRAWN) Would incorporate the text of H.R. 1595, the Guam World War II Loyalty Recognition Act, into the bill.  The title would implement the recommendations of the Guam War Claims Review Commission, which submitted its report to Congress in 2004, and would require the Secretary of the Treasury to make payments to Guam victims for harm caused by Japanese military forces during World War II.  The amendment authorizes $126 million to the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission until September 30, 2012, for the administration of the provision.

Bordallo (GU)


(REVISED)  Would permit the Transportation Secretary, acting through the Maritime Administration, to establish a Port of Guam Improvement Enterprise Program to provide for the planning, design, and construction of projects for the Port of Guam to improve facilities, relieve port congestion, and provide greater access to port facilities.  It also establishes in the United States Treasury a separate account known as the Port of Guam Improvement Enterprise Fund to carry out the program.  It permits funds in the account to be deposited and transferred to the Administrator.  Provides that nothing in the section shall authorize amounts made available under 23 U.S.C. sec. 215 or other funds for highway improvements not eligible for making port improvements to be deposited into the Fund.

Boren (OK)


(REVISED) Would amend Sec. 526 of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 to include clarifying language regarding the procurement by a federal agency of alternative or synthetic fuels.  Would clarify the conditions in Sec. 526 by which DOD and other federal agencies would be allowed to enter into a contract to purchase a generally available fuel, if it is not predominantly an alternative or synthetic fuel. The amendment would also set forth a set of conditions pursuant to these changes.

Boren (OK)


Would prohibit the knowing use of the name or image of a protected individual in connection with any commercial activity in a manner to connect the individual with their service in the armed forces.  It permits the Attorney General to seek an injunction against such activity when it occurs or is about to occur and requires the court to proceed as soon as practicable to the hearing and determination of such action.  A protected individual is defined as a person who (1) is a member of the Armed Forces or (2) was a member of the Armed Forces after April 5, 1917 and, if not living, has a surviving spouse, child, parent, grandparent, or sibling.

Boswell (IA)/Schiff (CA)/Hayes (NC)


Would require the Department of Defense to implement comprehensive suicide prevention programs within all branches of the military, including National Guard and the Reserves. Includes provisions to provide training and outreach to personnel, encourage help-seeking, and prevent suicide among our service members.  It authorizes $6 million for this program.

Braley (IA)


(REVISED) Requires the President to submit a report to Congress on the long-term costs of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom within 90 days of enactment.  The amendment directs the estimate to be based on certain scenarios; make projections through at least Fiscal Year 2068; and take into account and specify various factors, including operational costs, reconstruction costs, and the cost of providing health care, disability, and Social Security benefits for the lifetimes of wounded veterans.

Braley (IA)/Sestak (PA)


Would terminate presidential waivers and permit lawsuits by Americans against the Government of Iraq to proceed.  The amendment would rescind the waiver that was provided for lawsuits against Iraq in section 1083(d) of H.R. 4986, the Fiscal Year 2008 National Defense Authorization Act unless the Government of Iraq settles the claims of American plaintiffs.

Broun (GA)


Would authorize the President to transfer the funding for earmarks (as defined in E.O. 13457) in H.R. 5658 or in the committee report on H.R. 5658 to expedite the acquisition and prompt distribution of equipment such as mine-resistant, ambush protected vehicles; body armor; and equipment for combating improvised explosive devices for members of the armed services conducting operations and activities in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The President would be required to submit a report to Congress within 120 days after any transfer, outlining the top priority items.

Brown-Waite (FL)


Provides for the concurrent payment of voluntary separation incentives and veterans disability compensation to eligible veterans.

Brown-Waite (FL)


Requires the Department of Defense to (1) suspend any contracting company for three years if the contractor is found to have aliens whose immigration status does not permit them to work, and (2) immediately cancel the contract if the company refuses to terminate the alien.  The amendment prohibits DOD from awarding any contract to an entity unless the entity participates in the employee verification pilot program described in section 403(a) of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996.

Brown-Waite (FL)


Permits the Army Secretary to award the Army Combat Action Badge to those soldiers who served during the dates ranging from December 7, 1941, to September 18, 2001, if the Secretary determines such individuals have not been previously recognized in an appropriate manner for such participation.  The Army Secretary may arrange with suppliers of the Badge so that eligible recipients may procure the Badge directly from suppliers.

Buyer (IN)


Would provide $22.3 million for Army Reserve first term dental readiness and $8.5 million for Army Reserve demobilization dental treatment.

Capito (WV)


(REVISED) Would increase the amount provided for DOD military personnel by $3 million, one million each for the Army Secretary, Navy Secretary, and Air Force Secretary, for the funeral honors program.  The increase would be offset by a $3 million reduction to be derived from the basic research under the University Research Initiatives.

Carney (PA)


(REVISED) Would express the sense of Congress that each military department should, to the maximum extent practicable, provide honor guard details for the funerals of veterans.

Castle (DE)/Hinojosa (TX)


(REVISED) Would give the Secretary of Defense authority to authorize military installations to enter into partnerships with colleges, universities, and technical schools for the purposes of improving the accessibility and flexibility of college courses available to active duty service members.  Such partnerships would be used to conduct outreach, develop flexible class schedules and locations, assist with academic counseling, and monitor rates of enrollment using benefits like the Armed Forces Tuition Assistance Program.

Cohen (TN)


Would permit the Air Force Secretary to convey, without consideration, one surplus T-37 Jet Training Aircraft to the Commemorative Air Force Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee.  The conveyance may not occur until the Secretary determines the aircraft has no combat capability.  The amendment releases the United States from liability for any death, injury, loss, or damage that results from the use of the aircraft by any person other than the United States.

Cooper (TN)


Would require the Secretary of Defense to report to Congress an acquisition strategy for insurance required by the Defense Base Act.

Cummings (MD)/Watson (CA)


Revises section 595 of the bill (Senior Military Leadership Diversity Commission) to add two Coast Guard officers to the membership of the Commission.

Davis, Susan (CA)


(WITHDRAWN) Would require the Army Secretary to submit reports to Congress on the dental status of the Selected Reserve and National Guard and the care provided by the program.  The Secretary shall develop and implement a program to ensure that all members of the Selected Reserve and National Guard maintain a deployable level of dental readiness at all times.  It provides $65 million for this section, to be offset by a $45 million reduction from Army military personnel balances and $20 million reduction from the Office of the Army Secretary, Administration.

DeFazio (OR)


(REVISED) Would require that for any Department of Defense contract for truck transportation or service using fuel, the motor carrier, broker, or freight forwarder involved in the transaction must pass any fuel surcharge on to the person responsible for paying the cost of fuel and to disclose that surcharge and other charges in writing.  The amendment also directs the Department of Defense to prescribe regulations for the enforcement of this provision, including any necessary penalties or sanctions.

DeLauro (CT)/Courtney (CT)


Requires the Defense Secretary to conduct a demonstration project to assess the feasibility and efficacy of providing a face to face post-deployment mental health screening between a member of the Armed Forces and a mental health provider.  The project shall be developed by the Defense Secretary in conjunction with the VA Secretary and HHS Secretary.  The Defense Secretary may coordinate with any accredited college, university, hospital-based or community-based mental health center the Secretary deems appropriate.

Ellsworth (IN)/Emanuel (IL)


Would revise the Federal Acquisition Regulation by requiring each contract awarded by the Department of Defense to contain a clause prohibiting the contractor from performing the contract using a subsidiary or subcontractor that is a foreign shell company if the foreign shell company will perform the work of the contract or subcontract using United States citizens or permanent residents of the United States.  A foreign shell company is an entity that is incorporated outside the United States or Canada and does not manage, direct, or exercise operational control over personnel performing work under a contract of the entity.

Engel (NY)


Would require the Secretary of Defense to publish in the Federal Register, not later than December 31, 2009, a study containing a list of proposals for agency action that would save 10 percent of the Department’s oil consumption by 2016, and an increased percentage of oil consumption after that.

Everett ( AL )


Would expand existing authority for professional military education institutions of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps to award degrees to graduates of their schools.  The amendment also would establish congressional notification requirements for the establishment, modification, redesignation, or termination of any new or existing degree programs.  It prohibits the awarding of a degree unless the Education Secretary has recommended approval of the degree in accordance with the Federal Policy Governing Granting of Academic Degrees by Federal Agencies and the curriculum leading to the degree is accredited by the appropriate civilian agency or organization (as determined by the Education Secretary).

Flake (AZ)


Would prohibit the expenditure of funds in FY 2009 for “Green Range and Impact Zone.”

Flake (AZ)


Would prohibit any funds appropriated to carry out H.R. 5658 from being used for “Gulf Range mobile instrumentation capability.”

Flake (AZ)


Would strike section 1431 of the bill, which bars application of Executive Order 13457 (regarding earmarks) to H.R. 5658.

Flake (AZ)


Would prohibit any funds appropriated to carry out H.R. 5658 from being used for a library/lifelong learning center at Marine Corps Base Twentynine Palms, California.

Flake (AZ)


Would prohibit any funds appropriated to carry out H.R. 5658 from being used for a “World War II Museum.”

Fortenberry (NE)


Would replace the TRICARE Reserve Select premium recalculation and upper limit with a refund of premiums beyond 28% of program cost when premiums collected exceed 33% of actual program cost for the year.  Refunds would be issued in 2010 and every year thereafter.

Fossella (NY)


(REVISED) Would direct the Secretary of Defense, in consultation with the United States Postal Service, to provide postal benefits to service members serving in Iraq or Afghanistan or currently hospitalized under the care of the Armed Forces. Qualified individuals will receive one voucher for every two months their designated service member is overseas. The Department of Defense will be appropriated an amount equal to the expenses incurred by the program. The Department of Defense will transfer funds to the Postal Service in advance of each calendar quarter equal to the estimated costs that the Postal Service will incur.  Authorizes $10 million to be offset from military personnel accounts.

Foster (IL)


(REVISED)  Amends title XXXI of the bill (DOE National Security Programs) to require the Administrator for Nuclear Security to establish a fellowship program for Ph.D. candidates in nuclear chemistry.  The amendment would support research and development of our nation's nuclear forensics capability, call for the enhancement and linkage of international nuclear material databases to enable prompt data access, establish a joint independent Nuclear Forensics Advisory Panel of recognized experts, and require the President to report to Congress on Cabinet-level participation in nuclear terrorism preparedness exercises that include nuclear forensics analysis.

Franks (AZ)


Would add $719 million to the Missile Defense Agency’s budget.  This amendment directs the Department of Defense to utilize the $719 million for Theater High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense, and Tests & Targets within the Missile Defense Agency account portfolio.  The offset for the $719 million is to be determined by the Secretary of Defense from title II of the bill (Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation).

Franks (AZ)


States the Sense of Congress that the Department of Defense should develop and maintain a viable military option to prevent the Islamic Republic of Iran from successfully developing or deploying a nuclear weapons capability.

Franks (AZ)


Would add $300 million to the Missile Defense Agency’s budget for Theater High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) and Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense. The $300 million shall be divided between both programs in a manner deemed appropriate by the Department of Defense.  The offset for the $300 million would be determined by the Secretary of Defense from accounts outside of the MDA portfolio of Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation accounts.

Gingrey (GA)


(WITHDRAWN) Second degree amendment that prohibits funds from being used to provide a postcoital contraceptive drug -- the morning after pill -- or provide a prescription for such drug to an unemancipated minor unless the minor is emancipated under applicable state law, the minor has parental consent or legal guardian consent, or a court of competent jurisdiction has directed the minor may receive the drug.

Gingrey (GA)


(WITHDRAWN) Second degree amendment that would provide a protection clause for members of the uniformed services or civilian employees of the Department of Defense who object to prescribing, stocking, dispensing, providing, or otherwise furnishing postcoital contraceptive drugs or devices if the person refuses to do so based on a moral, religious, or conscientious objection.

Gonzalez (TX)


Would rename the “National Casualty Care Research Center” as the "National Casualty Care and Trauma Research Center.”  It also changes the authorization level for this Center from $1 million to $5 million.  The increase is offset by a $4 million reduction in the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense program.

Gonzalez (TX)


(REVISED) Amends title III to require the Defense Secretary to transfer unobligated funds from FY 05 for Air Force C-9 hush kits to Navy operation and maintenance accounts to provide for maintenance of C-9 aircraft.

Gonzalez (TX)


Directs the Secretary of Defense to conduct a study on subject-matter retention amongst civilian employees and military personnel.

Goode (VA)


Would amend title 10, United States Code, to authorize the Secretary of Defense to assign members of the regular or reserve components of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, under certain circumstances and subject to certain conditions, to assist the Department of Homeland Security in the performance of border protection functions.  It would require the Homeland Security Secretary to provide to the governors of various states and to local governments information regarding areas in which members are to be deployed and the tasks to be performed.

Green, Gene (TX)


Would designate the National Center for Human Performance in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, TX, as a national center for research and education in medicine and related sciences to enhance human performance for the Armed Forces.  Nothing in the section shall be construed to convey on such Center status as a center of excellence under the Public Health Service Act or as a center of the NIH under title IV of such Act.

Green, Gene (TX)


Would require TRICARE reimbursement rates to institutional healthcare service providers to be identical to Medicare reimbursement rates.

Hall, John (NY)


(REVISED)  Would increase the amount authorized for Impact Aid by $5 million, to $55 million, and make Local Educational Agencies that serve U.S. military service academies eligible for Impact Aid funding without regard to the percentage of military dependent children in the school population.

Hensarling (TX)/ Blackburn (TN)/Gingrey (GA)/Abercrombie(HI)


Would repeal section 526 of the Energy Independence and Income Security Act of 2007 (Public Law 110-140), which prohibits federal agencies from purchasing alternative or synthetic fuels unless the greenhouse gas emissions of such fuel are less than the emissions of conventional fuel produced from conventional petroleum sources.

Hodes (NH)/DeFazio (OR)/DeLauro (CT)


(REVISED) Expresses Congress's finding that an external review is needed to determine whether the DOD's program to provide information to media analysts violated language in section 8001 of the DOD Appropriations Act of 2008 prohibiting propaganda.  The amendment also provides that no funds authorized in the bill may be used for propaganda purposes, and directs the DOD Inspector General and GAO to report on whether the DOD violated the propaganda provision.

Holt (NJ)/Tauscher (CA)/Grijalva (AZ)/Schakowsky (IL)


(REVISED) Would require the Defense Secretary to take actions necessary to ensure the videotaping or electronic recording of detainee interrogations in the custody of or under the effective control of the Department of Defense.  The Secretary shall provide for the appropriate classification of videotapes or other recordings to protect national security.  The amendment directs the Judge Advocates General of the respective military services to develop uniform guidelines for such videotaping or electronic recording, and for said guidelines to be provided to Congress.

Hunter (CA)


Provides that the President shall provide for expedited permitting processes for the construction and operation of petroleum refineries on military installations.  Permits the Defense Secretary to enter into agreement with a U.S. person to build and operate a petroleum refinery on a military installation.  Requires the President to notify Congress if the President utilizes the permitting authority.

Hunter (CA)


(REVISED)  Provides that the milestone decision authority may not authorize full rate production of the KC-45 aerial refueling tanker until the Air Force Secretary certifies to the congressional defense committees that the foreign content of the aircraft does not exceed 15 percent and the final assembly of all full rate production aircraft will occur in the United States.

Inslee (WA)


(REVISED) Directs the Defense Secretary to include the effects of greenhouse gas emissions in planning, requirements development, and acquisition processes.  Included is the development of a performance parameter to measure greenhouse gas emissions in acquisitions.

Inslee (WA)


Directs the Defense Secretary to study the use of power management software at DOD facilities to reduce the amount of electricity consumed by computers, monitors, and other electronic equipment.

Inslee (WA)


(WITHDRAWN) Directs the Defense Secretary to study the potential uses of biofuels to meet the DOD's energy requirements.  The Secretary is directed to select a federally-funded research and development center to perform the study.  The center selected shall report to Congress and DOD on the study.

Inslee (WA)


(WITHDRAWN) Directs the Defense Secretary to issue regulations requiring that in 2010 the percentage of electric energy generated from renewable sources consumed by DOD in the United States shall increase each year and in 2020 and thereafter such percentage shall be no less than 20.  The Defense Secretary shall carry out this section in consultation with the Energy Secretary.  The Defense Secretary may exempt any DOD entity from compliance if compliance would represent a national security threat or there is a lack of renewable energy to meet the requirement.

Israel (NY)


Requires the Secretary of Defense to report to Congress on DOD’s policies regarding the sale and disposal of used motor vehicle oil, including policies to require closed loop recycling of used oil as a means of reducing total indirect energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.  The Secretary shall implement such policies whenever feasible.

Israel (NY)


(REVISED) Would create a joint Department of Defense/Department of State program for the purpose of hiring Iraqis (who supported U.S. efforts in Iraq and who have resettled in the U.S.) as translators, interpreters, and cultural awareness instructors for various agencies of the federal government.  It also requires the Defense Secretary and Secretary of State to work with NGO's and refugee coordinators of the State Department to ensure Iraqis resettled in the U.S. are informed of the program.

Jackson-Lee (TX)


States the Sense of Congress that the war in Iraq should end as quickly as possible; that the performance of U.S. military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan should be commended; and that the primary purpose of funds in the Act should be to transition the mission of U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq and undertake their redeployment, not to extend the war.

Jackson-Lee (TX)


States the Sense of Congress that the U.S. Armed Forces toppled the regime of Saddam Hussein, that Iraq does not have weapons of mass destruction, and that the Armed Forces performed with skill and distinction in conducting military operations.  The amendment also states that the purposes of the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 (Public Law 107-273) have been achieved.

Kennedy, Patrick (RI)/Shea-Porter (NH)


(REVISED) Requires the Secretary of Defense to conduct a demonstration project to assess the feasibility of providing a behavioral health care provider locator and appointment assistance service for members of the reserve components of the Armed Forces seeking treatment for depression, post traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse problems, and other mental illnesses.

King, Peter (NY)


(REVISED)  Increases the $5.9 billion authorized for the Army National Guard in section 301(10) of the bill by $1.28 million for the Weapons of Mass Destruction-Civil Support Team for New York.  The amendment also increases the $124.7 billion authorized for DOD military personnel in section 421 of the bill by $2.4 million for the Weapons of Mass Destruction-Civil Support Team for New York.  As an offset, the amendment reduces the $25.8 billion provided for Defense-wide operation and maintenance in section 301(5) by $3.694 million.

King, Steve (IA)


(REVISED)  Would require the Chief of the National Guard Bureau to submit a report to Congress detailing the extent to which the various provisions enacted within title XVIII of the FY08 National Defense Authorization Act (National Guard Bureau Matters) have been effective in giving the National Guard a clearer voice in policy and budgetary discussions within the Department of Defense and assessing the adequacy of Department of Defense funding for the resource requirements of the National Guard.

LaHood (IL)


Would allow a service member with a minor dependent (child under the age of 19) to request a deferment of a deployment to a combat zone if their spouse is currently deployed to a combat zone.

Lee (CA)


Provides that no provision in any status of forces agreement negotiated between the United States and the Government of Iraq that obligates the United States to the defense of Iraq from internal or external threats shall have any legal effect unless the agreement is in the form of a treaty requiring the advice and consent of the Senate, or is specifically authorized by an Act of Congress.

Lee (CA)


(REVISED)  Provides that funds appropriated for Operation Iraqi Freedom or otherwise made available to DOD pursuant to an authorization of appropriations may be obligated and expended within Iraq only (1) to protect service members participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom and (2) to accomplish the safe and complete redeployment of service members and contractors pursuant to a plan that provides for their complete redeployment within one year of enactment.  Nothing shall prohibit diplomatic efforts or social and economic reconstruction activities in Iraq.

Lynch (MA)


Would require the Defense Secretary to review, for contracting improprieties, DOD contracts for Iraq reconstruction or troop support that (1) are $500,000 or greater and (2) involve any contractor, subcontractor, or federal officer/employee that has been indicted or convicted for fraud or any other federal violation with respect to another DOD Iraq reconstruction or troop support contract.  The Secretary would have to report to Congress on the results within 180 days of enactment.

Maloney (NY)/Udall, Mark (CO)


Would direct the Administrator of the General Services Administration, subject to the OMB's authority, to establish a database of information regarding the integrity and performance of certain persons who are awarded federal contracts.  The database shall include information regarding civil and criminal proceedings in connection with federal contracts, federal contracts in default, and each debarment.

Matsui (CA)


(REVISED) Would allow the Defense Department six months to review appeals from service members who were denied full Army College Fund benefits under Army Incentive Program contracts.  It also provides that a payment under the amendment may be made without regard to any limits on total combined amounts under the Army College Fund and the Montgomery GI Bill.

McDermott (WA)


States the Sense of Congress that the United States should seek open communication and responsible diplomacy with certain key state actors in order to reduce regional and global tensions.

McDermott (WA)


(2nd Revision)  Would require DOD to report to Congress on implementation of the recommendations of the report entitled, "Review of the Toxicologic and Radiologic Risks to Military Personnel from Exposure to Depleted Uranium During and After Combat."  The Secretary shall expand the depleted uranium registry and identify and provide additional health monitoring for Gulf War level II personnel who had several hours of unprotected exposure to such munitions in perforated vehicles.  The report shall describe the progress being made in identifying these veterans and the additional health monitoring being provided.

McGovern (MA)/Bishop, Sanford (GA)/Sestak (PA)


Requires the Defense Secretary to release to the public, upon request, the names, ranks, countries of origin, and other information of students and instructors of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation ("WHINSEC").  The amendment covers fiscal years 2005-2008 and any fiscal year thereafter.

Mitchell (AZ)


Would direct the Defense Secretary to restore the number of members of the National Guard deployed as part of Operation Jump Start (U.S.-Mexico border security operation) to at least 3,000 members.  Any reduction in members of Operation Jump Start would have to be offset by an identical increase in the number of Border Patrol agents fully deployed in the same sector of the international border.

Moore, Gwen (WI)


(REVISED) Would require the Comptroller General to review, and report to Congress within one year on, the DOD's implementation of the recommendations of the Department of Defense Task Force on Mental Health to ensure a full continuum of psychological health services and care for members of the Armed Forces and their families.

Moore, Gwen (WI)


Would require the Secretary of Defense, in consultation with the Surgeons General of each branch of the Armed Forces, to study the reasons for attrition among military mental health professionals and make recommendations to increase recruitment and retention of such professionals, such as through scholarships, bonuses, and loan forgiveness.

Moore, Gwen (WI)


Would authorize a demonstration project designed to develop options to ensure access to service members who have been deployed to safe and confidential off-base and “off-the-record” mental health counseling.  The Secretary would be authorized to establish a special working group to develop guidelines implementing changes to DoD policies regarding command notification and access to treatment records that would be applied to this demonstration, to the maximum extent possible, to protect the confidentiality of the service members who access mental health services through these demonstration sites.

Moran, James (VA)


(WITHDRAWN)  Would amend the certification conditions that the Secretary of Defense must present to the congressional defense committees before commencing the closure of Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital and construction of replacement facilities.

Murphy, Christopher (CT)


Would require disclosure of the names and total compensation of the most highly compensated officers of an entity that receives 80% or more of its annual gross revenues in Federal awards and has $25,000,000 or more in annual Federal awards.  It would not require disclosure by those entities that already required to disclose this information.

Nadler (NY)/Schakowsky (IL)


Would prohibit the use by the CIA of contractors in applying interrogation techniques to educe information.  Provides that the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency may not permit a contractor or subcontractor to the Central Intelligence Agency to carry out an interrogation of an individual and requires that any interrogation carried out on behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency shall be conducted by an employee of such Agency.

Nadler (NY)/Schakowsky (IL)


Would limit the funds authorized by the act so that none may be used to detain any individual who is in custody or under the effective control of an element of the intelligence community or an instrumentality of such element if the International Committee of the Red Cross is not provided notification of the detention of such individual and access to such individual in a manner consistent with the practices of the Armed Forces.

Ortiz (TX)


(REVISED) Would require a report be submitted to the congressional defense committees by the Secretary of the Navy not later than 60 days after enactment of the act on future jet carrier training requirements.  The report shall assess the Navy’s plan concerning jet carrier training requirements; assess studies conducted by independent organizations concerning jet carrier trainer requirements, including studies by Johns Hopkins University and Booz Allen Hamilton; and include a cost-benefit analysis between a new start program or modernization of the existing platform.

Pearce (NM)


Would amend title XXXI (DOE National Security Programs) to remove $10 million in funding for energy conservation on military installations and increase funding for the Reliable Replacement Warhead program by $10 million.

Pearce (NM)


Provides that of the $9.3 billion authorized for the DOE's National Nuclear Security Administration (title XXXI of the bill), the amount authorized for the directed stockpile is increased by $50 million, of which $35 million is for Pit Manufacturing and $15 million is for Pit Manufacturing Capability.  The increase is offset by a $50 million reduction in funds for the Global Threat Reduction Initiative.

Porter (NV)


(REVISED) Finds that Congress and the Secretary of Defense should work to understand and identify the contributing factors related to suicide amongst our service men and women.  Additionally, the Amendment strongly encourages the Secretary of Defense to conduct a study related to the mental health risk for non-combative service members, such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVs) Operators.  Moreover, this amendment advises that Congress and the Secretary of Defense provide our military with responsible mental health services and information related to suicide prevention.

Price, David (NC)


(REVISED) Would prohibit agencies under the Department of Defense from using contractors to perform interrogations.  The amendment would allow the use of contractors for interpretation.

Price, Tom (GA)


(REVISED) Amends safeguards and internal controls of DOD to require that appropriate inventory and property systems are updated promptly in response to expenditures charged to a purchase card related to sensitive and pilferable property.  It also requires that penalties for violations of the law provide for the reimbursement of charges for unauthorized or erroneous purchases.

Rohrabacher (CA)


Would add $2.9 million for the Precision Container Aerial Delivery System (PCADS) to the research, development, test and evaluation, Army account. It offsets these funds from section 421, military personnel, for military personnel unexpended balances.

Schakowsky (IL)


(REVISED) Would require the Secretary of Defense to revise the regulations issued pursuant to section 862 of the Fiscal Year 2008 National Defense Authorization Act (contractors performing private security functions in areas of combat operations) to ensure that private security contractors are not authorized to perform inherently governmental functions in an area of combat operations.  It also requires the Defense Secretary, in coordination with other agency heads, to review the performance of private security contractors to ensure compliance with the amendment.

Schakowsky (IL)


Would prohibit employees of contractors from being discharged, demoted, or otherwise discriminated against for reporting on gross mismanagement of DOD contracts, grants, or funds to a supervisor, Member of Congress, an IG, the GAO, a DOD official, or a DOJ official.  It also provides that any person who believes they have been subject to reprisal may submit a complaint to the IG of any DOD agency, or the NASA IG for NASA-related complaints.  Such IG shall investigate the complaint and recommend corrective action unless the IG determines it is frivolous. If an agency head finds illegal reprisal, such agency head shall order the contractor to take corrective action.  The amendment bars contracts that force employees to go to arbitration for claims under the amendment, unless the employee consents to arbitration after the claim arises.

Schiff (CA)


Would authorize the establishment of the Commission on Security the United States in the 21st Century.  The Commission would (1) undertake a comprehensive review of the global security environment that identifies the strategic interests and objectives of the United States for the security environment the United States may confront in the next two decades, and (2) develop a national security strategy appropriate for that future security environment and for the Nation's character.  The Commission must submit a final report to the President and Congress within 1 year of its initial meeting.

Schiff (CA)


(REVISED) Would require the Defense Secretary to study methods to verifiably reduce the likelihood of accidental nuclear launch by removing weapons of the United States, Russia, China, and others from hair-trigger alert.  The Secretary must report to Congress on the results of the study within 6 months.

Schiff (CA)


(WITHDRAWN) Would require the Energy Secretary to prepare a research and development plan to prioritize research and development efforts at DOE and the national labs overseen by DOE.  The plan should describe the technical capabilities required (1) to enable a robust nuclear forensic response to a nuclear explosion or interdiction of nuclear materials or weapons worldwide and (2) to develop an international database containing data on nuclear material to enable the attribution of nuclear material or weapons to their sources.  DOE shall report to the congressional defense committees within 6 months on the plan and within 18 months on implementation of the plan.

Schwartz (PA)/Murphy, Patrick (PA)


(REVISED)  Would restrict the future use of the airfield at NASJRB Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, to uses related to national defense, homeland security and emergency preparedness missions.

Sessions (TX)


States a Sense of Congress that the United States Congress needs to support the development, testing, and fielding of the capability to intercept ballistic missiles in their boost phase.

Sestak (PA)


Would provide that autistic children of members of the Armed Forces, who are enrolled in the Extended Care Health Option program, receive a minimum of $5,000 per month of autistic therapy services.

Sestak (PA)


Would establish the Visiting NIH Senior Neuroscience Fellowship Program at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Defense Center of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE).

Sestak (PA)


Would transfer title of Navy aircraft N40VT (Bureau Number 163283) and associated components and test equipment, previously specified as Government furnished equipment, specified in contract N00019-00-C-0284, to the Piasecki Aircraft Corporation of Essington, Pennsylvania. The conveyance shall be made by means of a deed of gift.

Shays (CT)/Reichert (WA)/Culberson (TX)


Would require any funding authorized in Section 1512 designated to training Iraqi Security Forces be considered a loan and subject to full repayment to the U.S. Government.

Skelton (MO)/Berman (CA)/Lowey (NY)


Requires the Defense Secretary, Secretary of State, and USAID Administrator to establish a standing advisory panel to improve integration on matters of national security.  The twelve-member panel, appointed by the three agency heads, will look closely at how the three agencies collaborate on specific overseas national security issues.

Skelton (MO)


(REVISED) Manager's Amendment.  Makes a series of technical corrections to H.R. 5658, as reported by the Committee on Armed Services on May 16, 2008.

Slaughter (NY)/Poe (TX)


(REVISED) Would require defense contractors supporting the missions in Iraq and Afghanistan to report violent crimes committed against or by Defense Department contract employees and require that the information be made public.  The amendment requires defense contractors to provide victims with medical and psychological assistance.

Smith, Adam (WA)


Would require the President to develop and submit to Congress a comprehensive interagency strategy for strategic communication and public diplomacy by December 31, 2009.  It also requires the President to submit a report describing the current roles and activities of the Departments of Defense and State in those areas, as well as to assess and report on a key recommendation by the Defense Science Board, by June 30, 2009.

Spratt (SC)


Requires the DNI, on an annual basis, to submit to Congress an update of the National Intelligence Estimate entitled "Iran: Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities" and dated November 2007.  Such update may be submitted in classified form.  The President shall notify Congress in writing within 15 days of determining that Iran has met or surpassed any major milestone in its nuclear weapons program or that Iran has undertaken to accelerate, decelerate, or cease the development of any significant element within its nuclear weapons program.

Stupak (MI)


Would treat the remains of soldiers killed in past theater operations the same as those killed in current theaters by requiring the Department of Defense to transport the remains by military or commercial air to the airport nearest to the intended place of burial and to have an Honor Guard present at the airport upon arrival.

Stupak (MI)


Would extend eligibility for military disability retired pay to individuals who left enlisted service in order to attend a military academy between January 1, 2000 and October 28, 2004, and who suffered a disabling injury while attending the academy.

Stupak (MI)


Would offer a one-time bonus of $1,500 to each member of the Armed Forces who has served or is serving in a combat zone in Iraq or Afghanistan.  Includes reservists as well as regular military; requires that the service in question be designated as “honorable” by the Secretary and requires a minimum of 90 days of service.  Would exclude bonuses from gross income.  Costs would be off-set by a 0.5% across the board reduction of all accounts.

Stupak (MI)/Visclosky (IN)


Would require the Department of Defense to use American steel and iron in all military construction projects.  Includes waivers if iron and steel are not produced in the U.S. in sufficient and reasonably available quantities and if iron and steel produced in the U.S. will increase the cost of the overall project by more than 25 percent. It would make ineligible for federal contracts any entities found by a court or agency to have misrepresented a product as Made in America when it was not.

Tauscher (CA)


(REVISED) Provides that the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) shall not apply to the Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States, which was established by section 1062 of the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2008.

Terry (NE)


Would provide the Department of Defense multi-year procurement authority for the purchase of alternative and synthetic aviation fuel.

Thompson, Mike (CA)


Directs the Department of Defense to use the FBI’s Violent Gang and Terrorist Offenders File to carry out the prohibition against the participation of gang members in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Tiahrt (KS)


Would extend the provisions to prevent corporate bribery of foreign officials by American Defense contractors or subcontractors in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 to include all Major Defense Acquisition Program Department of Defense Tier I and Tier II contractors and subcontractors, or any subsidiary or affiliate of the contractor or subcontractor, regardless of their country-of-origin.  The amendment applies only to new Major Defense Acquisition Program contracts.

Tierney (MA)


Would reduce funding for the Missile Defense Agency by $966.2 million.  It would provide $75 million for the Cooperation Threat Reduction program, $592 million for the nonproliferation and WMD programs of the Energy Department, $30 million for impact aid to help local educational agencies provide support to dependents of service members, $30 million for family support of wounded service members, $30 million for suicide prevention programs for service members, and $10 million for a pilot program to identify and retrain wounded service members as military health professionals to treat other wounded service members.  Any remaining funds would be used to fund National Guard and Reserve shortfalls, especially in connection with homeland security activities.

Tierney (MA)


Provides that it is the policy of the United States not to deploy any weapon system designed to intercept an intermediate-range or long-range ballistic missile until the Defense Secretary certifies to Congress that the weapon system has successfully demonstrated the ability to track, detect, and intercept a warhead launched by a facsimile of the missiles expected to be deployed.

Turner (OH)


Would require a report from the Secretary of Defense within 45 days after the date of enactment on laboratory personnel demonstration projects.

Waters (CA)


Would require the Defense Department to coordinate with the Ministry of Defense of the Government of Iraq to record and publish the number of Iraqi casualties in its quarterly report, Measuring Stability and Security in Iraq.

Waters (CA)


Would establish an Iraqi Displacement Coordinator within the Executive Office of the President to engage U.S. diplomatic resources to address the crisis affecting displaced Iraqis.

Waxman (CA)


(2nd Revision) Would (1) require agencies to enhance competition in contracting, (2) limit the use of abuse-prone contracts, (3) rebuild the federal acquisition workforce, (4) strengthen anti-fraud measures, and (5) increase transparency in federal contracting.

Wilson, Joe (SC)


Would provide National Guardsmen and Reservists, who were mobilized in defense of the United States from September 11, 2001, to September 30, 2001, to receive credit towards their retirement.

Wilson, Joe (SC)/Hensarling (TX)


Expresses a Sense of Congress that the President's decision to provide a surge of troops in Iraq was the correct course of action and has been successful, and hopes for a coalition victory as soon as possible.

Woolsey (CA)


Requires the Navy Secretary and the Interior Secretary to negotiate a memorandum of agreement to transfer the decommissioned Naval Security Group Activity, Skaggs Island, Sonoma, California, from the Navy to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Refuge for inclusion in the National Wildlife Refuge System.  It also permits the Navy and the Interior Secretary to accept donations from the State of California and other entities to cover the costs of building removal and environmental remediation.  It provides that funds received may be merged with other amounts available to carry out the section and shall remain available, without appropriation and until expended.

Yarmuth (KY)/Klein (FL)


Would make it the policy of the United States that any Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) negotiated between the U.S. and Iraq include measures requiring the Iraqi Government to provide financial or other types of support for U.S. Armed Forces stationed in Iraq.