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Jun 09, 2008

Summary and Text of Amendments to H.R. 6003 - Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008

Summary of Amendments Submitted to the Rules Committee for

H.R. 6003 - Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008  

Listed in Alphabetical Order

June 9, 2008 5:20 PM


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Arcuri (NY)


(WITHDRAWN)  Would authorize funding to support the activities of the statutorily-created Northeast Corridor Infrastructure and Advisory Commission.

Arcuri (NY)


(WITHDRAWN)  Would add financial contributions made by an operator of a service and in-kind services as criteria that must be addressed in the development of a standardized formula for Northeast Corridor commuter cost allocation.

Arcuri (NY)


(WITHDRAWN)  Would require that the Acela Service Study analyze whether reduced Acela travel times on the entire Northeast Corridor would adversely affect the current or future users of the Corridor.

Arcuri (NY)


(WITHDRAWN)  Would encourage the Northeast Corridor Commission to examine mechanisms for funding and financing mega-projects with significance to the entire Corridor.

Arcuri (NY)


(WITHDRAWN)  Would provide that any proposal to develop high-speed service between Washington, DC and New York, NY, must demonstrate that it will have no adverse impact on existing and projected intercity, commuter, and freight service.

Berry (AR)/Cohen (TN)


(WITHDRAWN)  Would require that the Transportation Secretary conduct a feasibility analysis regarding the expansion of the South Central High-Speed Rail Corridor to Memphis, Tennessee.

Castle (DE)


(WITHDRAWN)  Would have proposals for building a high-speed rail system along the northeast corridor include plans for allowing for station stops at or in close proximity to the busiest Amtrak stations. 

Cuellar (TX)/Hinojosa (TX)


(WITHDRAWN)  Would direct the Secretary of Transportation to study the feasibility of extending the South Central High-Speed Rail Corridor south of San Antonio to a location in far south Texas, with the exact location to be determined at the discretion of the Secretary.

Davis, Tom (VA)/Hoyer (MD)/Van Hollen (MD)


Would authorize the Transportation Secretary to make grants to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority to finance in part the capital and preventive maintenance projects included in the Capital Improvement Program approved by the Board of Directors of the Transit Authority.  It would prohibit funds to the Transit Authority unless the Authority ensures its rail customers have access to any services provided by any licensed wireless provider that notifies the Authority of its intent to offer services to the public.

Flake (AZ)


Would prohibit funds appropriated under the bill from being used for congressional earmarks as defined by clause 9(d) of rule XXI of the Rules of the House of Representatives.

Flake (AZ)


Would remove section 104 of the bill (Baltimore tunnel project).

Lynch (MA)


(WITHDRAWN)  Would require the Amtrak Inspector General to conduct a review regarding the current state of security training provided to certain Amtrak employees, and for the Amtrak IG to report back the results of the review, along with any recommendations the IG may have, to Congress within 90 days of enactment. 

McCarthy (NY)


(REVISED)  Would add to the passenger rail system comparison study a request to study train horn technology, with an emphasis on reducing train horn noise and its effect on local communities.

McGovern (MA)/Castor (FL)


(WITHDRAWN)  Would authorize the Government Accountability Office to conduct a study of liability and indemnity agreements governing commuter and intercity passenger rail services.

Murphy, Christopher (CT)


(REVISED)  Would express support for commuter rail service between New Haven, CT, and Springfield, MA.  It would encourage Amtrak to cooperate with state Departments of Transportation to expand commuter rail service on that line.  Amtrak shall report to Congress and the Transportation Departments of Connecticut and Massachusetts on the total cost of uncompleted infrastructure maintenance on the rail line between New Haven and Springfield.

Murphy, Patrick (PA)/Schwartz (PA)/Holt (NJ)


Would require Amtrak, within one year of enactment, to report to Congress on the results of an evaluation of passenger rail between Cornwells Heights, PA, and New York City, NY, and between Princeton Junction, NJ, and New York City, NY, to determine whether to expand passenger rail service by increasing the frequency of stops or reducing commuter ticket prices for this route.

Oberstar (MN)


Manager's Amendment.  (REVISED)  Would provide that none of the funds may be used to employ workers in violation of section 274A of the Immigration and Nationality Act; and requires the Secretary of Transportation to conduct a study on ways to streamline compliance with National Historic Preservation Act requirements for federally funded railroad infrastructure projects.  It also contains provisions regarding the Northeast Corridor.  It requires studies regarding the expansion of the South Central High-Speed Rail Corridor to Memphis and to far south Texas.  It requires proposals for building station stops for the proposed high-speed rail system in the Northeast Corridor.  It also would authorize intercity passenger rail grants to be used for bicycle access into rolling stock and would provide bicycle racks in trains.  Finally, it makes technical corrections to the bill.

Sessions (TX)


Would permit the Transportation Secretary to withhold operating grants under section 101(a) if either: (a) Amtrak and its Board fail to minimize the need for Federal operating subsidies outlined in its long-term plan; or (b) the Secretary reviews the annual report required by the 5-year financial plan developed under section 204 and determines that Amtrak has not shown measurable financial improvement or reduction in operating losses.

Sessions (TX)


Would prohibit funds from being used for the long distance Amtrak route with the highest cost per seat/mile according to Amtrak's March 2008 monthly performance report unless the Secretary has transmitted a waiver for this route or a portion of it because the Secretary considers it critical to homeland security.

Smith, Adam (WA)


Would require Amtrak to engage in good faith discussions, with commuter rail entities and public transportation authorities operating on the same trackage owned by a rail carrier as Amtrak, with respect to routing and timing of trains to efficiently move a maximal number of commuters, intercity, and passenger rail passengers, particularly during peak times of commuter usage.  It also would require such discussion with respect to the expansion and enhancement of commuter rail and regional rail public transportation service.

Weiner (NY)/Blumenauer (OR)


(WITHDRAWN)  Would authorize intercity passenger rail grants to be used to provide bicycle access into rolling stock and would provide bicycle racks in trains.