Committee on Rules

October 19, 1999 (5:00 p.m.)

Summary of Amendments Submitted to H.R. 2300, the Academic Achievement for All Act (Straight A's)

(in alphabetical order)

3. Aderholt: Adds a new section to allow displays of the Ten Commandments and expressions of religious faith within state owned or administered property. LATE

4. Castle: Changes H.R. 2300 into a 12 state pilot program, with 6 states authorized to include Title I within their performance agreement. If a state includes Title I within their performance agreement, it must ensure that the school districts continue to allocate funds to address the educational needs of disadvantaged students. LATE

1. Goodling: Requires states to set academic performance goals for improving student performance in science, if a state chooses to include Eisenhower Professional Development grants in its performance agreement; clarifies that performance goals are goals designed to improve student academic achievement; clarifies requirements for states that do not include Title I in their performance agreement; and clarifies that states may not use funds under H.R. 2300 for private school tuition.

2. Goodling: Changes the effective date of H.R. 2300, thus eliminating any direct spending change. LATE

* Summaries derived from information submitted by the amendment sponsors.