Committee on Rules

November 8, 1999 (6:15 p.m.)

Amendments Submitted to the Rules Committee on
H.R. 3073, The Fathers Count Act of 1999

(in alphabetical order)

3. Cardin: Removes the limitation in the amendment in the nature of a substitute to the bill on the amount of Welfare to Work funds that can be spent on providing employment-related services to custodial parents who are below the poverty level and who are not receiving assistance un the Temporary Assistance foe Needy Families (TANF) program.

7. Edwards: Deletes the charitable choice language from the bill proposed to be added by section 101(a) of the bill.

8. English: Requires that individuals nominated for the selection Panel have experience in fatherhood programs, programs for the poor, programs for children, program administration, or program research. Makes an addition to the preference language on projects that encourage payment of child support, specifically, the preference would be granted to projects that encourage payment of child support by helping fathers arrange and maintain a consistent schedule of visitation with their children.

9. Maloney (NY): Requires states to track several measures of well-being of former welfare recipients, such as measures of employment, access to health care and food stamps, and would reward states for excelling in these areas. LATE

4. Mink: Strikes Title II - Fatherhood Projects of National Significance.

5. Mink: Strikes Title I - Fatherhood Grant Program, and replaces with Parents Count Program. The program remains essentially the same except for the fact that the word "father" is replaced with the word "parent" throughout. In addition, the Parents Count Program gives preference to applicants that demonstrate the entity will consult with domestic violence prevention and intervention organizations in the development and implementation of the project; and removes the Charitable Choice provisions.

2. Scott: Removes the employment discrimination provision contained in the "Charitable Choice" section of the bill.

6. Traficant: Amends part A of title IV of the Social Security Act to provide for grants for projects designed to promote responsible fatherhood. The amendment adds to the grant application process by requiring any entity hoping to conduct a fatherhood project make available alcohol, tobacco and other drug education and will make available education to fathers on the effects of substance abuse and provide information about HIV/AIDS and its transmission.

1. Woolsey: Extends the amount of time allowable for vocational education and job training in the welfare-to-work program from 6 months to 12 months.

* Summaries derived from information submitted by the amendment sponsors.