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H.R. 350 - Mandates Information Act of 1999

Explanation of Linder Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute

In the introduced bill an effort was made to accommodate some of provisions that were included in the Senate's version of the private mandates bill in the last Congress. After a study and review of the introduced bill, an amendment in the nature of a substitute was written that will make a number of technical and conforming changes to H.R. 350. These changes are necessary due to the vast differences between procedures in the House and procedures in the Senate.

The text of the amendment is similar to the Condit/Portman Mandates Information Act of 1998 with some minor differences, such as additional findings and modifications due to recodification. H.R. 350, as amended by this substitute, will essentially be the same legislation that passed the House last year by a vote of 279-132.