Major Rule Citation Changes Pursuant to the Recodification of the Rules of the House

This only reflects changes in rule citations. Any current citations that remained the same are not included in this list.

Speakerís Discretion to Vote Rule I, clause 5 Rule XX, clause 1
Lame Duck Travel Authority Rule I, clause 8 Rule XXV, clause 10
Broadcasting of House Proceedings Rule I, clause 9 Rule V
Office of the Historian Rule I, clause 10 Rule II, clause 7
Office of the General Counsel Rule I, clause 11 Rule II, clause 8
Clerk Rule III Rule II, clause 2
Sergeant-at-Arms Rule IV Rule II, clause 3
Chief Administrative Officer Rule V Rule II, clause 4
Office of the Inspector General Rule VI Rule II, clause 6
Chaplain Rule VII Rule II, clause 5
Duties of Members Rule VIII Rule III, clause 1-2
Pairs Rule VIII, clause 2 Rule XX, clause 8
General/Specific Roads Rule X, clause 1(q) Rule XXI, clause 3
Standards Committee Rule X, clause 4(e) Rule XI, clause 3
Referrals Rule X, clause 5 Rule XII, clause 2
Committee Membership Rule X, clause 6 Rule X, clause 5(a)(1)
Select and Joint Committees Rule X, clause 6(f) Rule X, clause 10
Conference Committees Rule X, clause 6(g) Rule X, clause 10
Committee Reporting Procedures Rule XI, clause 2(l) Rule XIII, clauses 2-4
Committee Broadcast Rule Rule XI, clause 3 Rule XI, clause 4
Privileged Reports Rule XI, clause 4 Rule XIII, clause 5
Rules Committee Reports Rule XI, clause 4 Rule XIII, clause 6
Adverse Rules Committee Reports Rule XI, clause 4(c) Rule XV, clause 3
Expense Resolutions Rule XI, clause 5 Rule X, clause 6
Committee Staffs Rule XI, clause 6 Rule X, clause 9
Resident Commissioner/Delegates Rule XII Rule III, clause 3
Corrections Calendar Rule XIII, clause 4 Rule XV, clause 6
Dynamic Estimates Rule XIII, clause 7(e) Rule XIII, clause 3(h)(2)
Decorum and Debate Rule XIV Rule XVII
Voting and Quorum Calls Rule XV Rule XX
Previous Question Rule XVII Rule XIX, clause 1
Motion to Recommit Rule XVIII, clause 1
Rule XVI, clause 4
Rule XIX, clause 2
Reconsideration Rule XVIII Rule XIX, clause 3
Amendments Rule XIX Rule XVI, clause 6
Senate Amendments Rule XX, clause 1 Rule XXII, clause 1
Reading of Bills Rule XXI, clause 1 Rule XVI, clause 8
General Appropriations Bills Rule XXI, clause 2(a) Rule XXI, clause 2
Appropriations in Legislation Rule XXI, clause 5(a) Rule XXI, clause 4
Reappropriations Rule XXI, clause 6 Rule XXI, clause 2(a)(2)
Printing of Appropriations Hearings Rule XXI, clause 7 Rule XIII, clause 4
Reservations of Points of Order Rule XXI, clause 8 Rule XXI, clause 1
Transport. Obligation Limitations Rule XXI, clause 9 Rule XXI, clause 6
Resolutions of Inquiry Rule XXII, clause 5 Rule XIII, clause 7
Committees of the Whole House Rule XXIII Rule XVIII
Order of Business Rule XXIV Rule XIV
Private Calendar Rule XXIV, clause 6 Rule XV, clause 5
Calendar Wednesday Rule XXIV, clause 7 Rule XV, clause 7
D.C. Legislative Business Rule XXIV, clause 8 Rule XV, clause 4
Priority of Business Rule XXV Rule XIV
Unfinished Business Rule XXVI Rule XI, clause 6
Suspension of the Rules Rule XXVII Rule XV, clause 1
Discharge Motions Rule XXVII, clause 3 Rule XV, clause 2
Conference Reports Rule XXVIII Rule XXII, clauses 7-12
Secret Sessions Rule XXIX Rule XVII, clause 9
Exhibits Rule XXX Rule XVII, clause 6
Hall of the House Rule XXXI Rule IV, clause 1
Admission to the Floor Rule XXXII Rule IV, clause 2-5
Admission to the Galleries Rule XXXIII Rule IV, clause 6
Official Reporters and the Media Rule XXXIV Rule VI
Pay of Witnesses Rule XXXV Rule XI, clause 5
Records of the House Rule XXXVI Rule VII
Withdrawal of Papers Rule XXXVII Rule VII, clause 7
Ballot Votes Rule XXXVIII Rule XX, clause 12
Messages Rule XXXIX Rule XII, clause 1
Code of Official Conduct Rule XLIII Rule XXIV
Financial Disclosure Rule XLIV Rule XXVII
Unofficial Office Accounts Rule XLV Rule XXV, clauses 1-3
Limitation on Use of the Frank Rule XLVI Rule XXV, clauses 4-9
Outside Earned Income Rule XLVII Rule XXVI, clauses 1-2
Intelligence Committee Rule XLVIII Rule X, clause 9
Debt Limit Rule XLIX Rule XXIII
Response to Subpoenas Rule L Rule VIII
Gift Rule Rule LI Rule XXVI, clause 5