Recodification Headings and Subheadings of the Rules of the House

Rule I: The Speaker

clause 1: Approval of the Journal

clause 2: Preservation of Order

clause 3: Control of Capitol Facilities

clause 4: Signature of Documents

clause 5: Questions of Order

clause 6: Form of a Question

clause 7: Discretion to Vote

clause 8: Speaker Pro Tempore

clause 9: Term Limit

clause 10: Designation of Travel

clause 11: Committee Appointment

clause 12: Declaration of Recess

clause 13: Other Responsibilities

Rule II: Other Officers and Officials

clause 1: Elections

clause 2: Clerk

clause 3: Sergeant-at-Arms

clause 4: Chief Administrative Officer

clause 5: Chaplain

clause 6: Office of Inspector General

clause 7: Office of the Historian

clause 8: Office of General Counsel

Rule III: The Members, Delegates and the Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico

clause 1-2: Voting

clause 3: Delegates and the Resident Commissioner

Rule IV: The Hall of the House

clause 1-5: Use and Admittance

clause 6: Gallery

clause 7: Prohibition on Campaign Contributions

Rule V: Broadcasting the House

Rule VI: Official Reporters and News Media Galleries

clause 1: Official Reporters

clause 2-3: News Media Galleries

Rule VII: Records of the House

clause 1-2: Archiving

clause 3-5: Public Availability

clause 6: Definition of Record

clause 7: Withdrawal of Papers

Rule VIII: Response to Subpoenas

Rule IX: Questions of Privilege

Rule X: Organization of Committees

clause 1: Committees and their Legislative Jurisdictions

clause 2: General Oversight Responsibilities

clause 3: Special Oversight Functions

clause 4(a)-(e):Additional Functions of Committees

clause 4(f)-(h):Budget Act Responsibilities

clause 5: Election and Membership of Standing Committees

clause 6: Expense Resolutions

clause 7: Interim Funding

clause 8: Travel

clause 9: Committee Staffs

clause 10: Select and Joint Committees

clause 11: Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

Rule XI: Procedures of Committees and Unfinished Business

clause 1: In General

clause 2(a): Adoption of Written Rules

clause 2(b): Regular Meeting Days

clause 2(c): Additional and Special Meetings

clause 2(d): Temporary Absence of Chairman

clause 2(e): Committee Records

clause 2(f): Prohibition Against Proxy Voting

clause 2(g): Open Meetings and Hearings

clause 2(h): Quorum Requirements

clause 2(i): Limitation on Committees' Sitting

clause 2(j): Calling and Questioning Witnesses

clause 2(k): Investigative Hearing Procedures

clause 2(l): Supplemental, Minority, or Additional Views

clause 2(m): Power to Sit and Act; Subpoena Power

clause 3: Committee on Standards of Official Conduct

clause 4: Audio and Visual Coverage of Committee Proceedings

clause 5: Pay of Witnesses

clause 6: Unfinished Business of the Session

Rule XII: Receipt and Referral of Measures and Matters

clause 1: Messages

clause 2: Referral

clause 3-4: Petitions, Memorials, and Private Bills

clause 5: Prohibition on Commemorations

clause 6: Excluded Matters

clause 7: Sponsorship

clause 8: Executive Communications

Rule XIII: Calendars and Committee Reports

clause 1: Calendars

clause 2: Filing and Printing of Reports

clause 3: Content of Reports

clause 4: Availability of Reports

clause 5: Privileged Reports, Generally

clause 6: Privileged Reports by the Committee on Rules

clause 7: Resolutions of Inquiry

Rule XIV: Order and Priority of Business

Rule XV: Business in Order on Special Days

clause 1: Suspensions, Mondays and Tuesdays

clause 2: Discharge Motions, second and fourth Mondays

clause 3: Adverse Report by the Committee on Rules, second and fourth Mondays

clause 4: District of Columbia Business, second and fourth Mondays

clause 5: Private Calendar, first and third Tuesdays

clause 6: Corrections Calendar, second and fourth Tuesdays

clause 7: Calendar Call of Committees, Wednesdays

Rule XVI: Motions and Amendments

clause 1: Motions

clause 2: Withdrawal

clause 3: Question of Consideration

clause 4: Precedence of Motions

clause 5: Divisibility

clause 6: Amendments

clause 7: Germaneness

clause 8: Readings

Rule XVII: Decorum and Debate

clause 1: Decorum

clause 2: Recognition

clause 3: Managing Debate

clause 4: Call to Order

clause 5: Comportment

clause 6: Exhibits

clause 7: Galleries

clause 8: Congressional Record

clause 9: Secret Sessions

Rule XVIII: The Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union

clause 1-2: Resolving into the Committee of the Whole

clause 3: Measures Requiring Initial Consideration in the Committee of the Whole

clause 4: Order of Business

clause 5: Reading for Amendment

clause 6: Quorum and Voting

clause 7: Dispensing With the Reading of an Amendment

clause 8: Closing Debate

clause 9: Striking the Enacting Clause

clause 10: Concurrent Resolution on the Budget

clause 11: Unfunded Mandates

clause 12: Applicability of Rules of the House

Rule XIX: Motions Following the Amendment Stage

clause 1: Previous Question

clause 2: Recommit

clause 3-4: Reconsideration

Rule XX: Voting and Quorum Calls

clause 8: Pairs

clause 9: Postponement of Proceedings

clause 10: Five-minute Votes

clause 11: Automatic Yeas and Nays

clause 12: Ballot Votes

Rule XXI: Restrictions on Certain Bills

clause 1: Reservation of Certain Points of Order

clause 2: General Appropriation Bills and Amendments

clause 3: Roads

clause 4: Appropriations on Legislative Bills

clause 5(a): Tax and Tariff Measures and Amendments

clause 5(b): Passage of Tax Rate Increases

clause 5(c): Consideration of Retroactive Tax Rate Increases

clause 6: Transportation Obligation Limitations

Rule XXII: House and Senate Relations

clause 1-6: Senate Amendments

clause 7-12: Conference Reports; Amendments Reported in Disagreement

Rule XXIII: Statutory Limit on the Public Debt

Rule XXIV: Code of Official Conduct

Rule XXV: Limitations on the Use of Official Funds

clause 1-3: Limitations on Use of Official and Unofficial Accounts

clause 4-9: Limitations on Use of the Frank

clause 10: Prohibition on Use of Funds by Members Not Elected to Succeeding Congress

Rule XXVI: Limitations on Outside Earned Income and Acceptance of Gifts

clause 1-2: Outside Earned Income; Honoraria

clause 3: Copyright Royalties

clause 4: Definitions

clause 5: Gifts

clause 6: Claims Against the Government

Rule XXVII: Financial Disclosure

Rule XXVIII: General Provisions