Summary of Recodification

Existing Rule Proposed New Rule
I Duties of the Speaker The Speaker
II Election of Officers Other Officers and Officials
III Duties of the Clerk The Members, Delegates and Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico
IV Duties of the Sergeant-at-Arms The Hall of the House
V Chief Administrative Officer Broadcasting the House
VI Office of Inspector General Official reporters and News Media galleries
VII Duties of the Chaplain Records of the House
VIII Duties of the Members Response to subpoenas
IX Questions of privilege Questions of privilege
X Establishment and jurisdiction of standing committees Organization of Committees
XI Rules of procedures for committees Procedures of committees and Unfinished Business
XII Resident Commissioner and Delegates Receipt and Referral of Measures and Matters
XIII Calendars and reports of committees Calendars and Committee Reports
XIV Of decorum and debate Order and Priority of Business
XV On calls of the roll and House Business in order on special days
XVI On motions, their precedence, etc. Motions and Amendments
XVII Previous question Decorum and Debate
XVIII Reconsideration The Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union
XIX Of amendments Motions following the amendment stage
XX Of amendments of the Senate Voting and Quorum Calls
XXI On bills Restrictions on certain bills
XXII Of petitions, memorials, bills and resolutions House and Senate Relations
XXIII Of Committees of the Whole House Statutory limit on public debt
XXIV Order of business Code of Official Conduct
XXV Priority of business Limitations on use of official funds
XXVI Unfinished business of the session Limitations on outside earned income and Acceptance of Gifts
XXVII Change or suspension of rules Financial disclosure
XXVIII Conference reports General provisions
XXIX Secret session
XXX Use of exhibits
XXXI Hall of the House
XXXII Of admission to the floor
XXXIII Of admission to the galleries
XXXIV Official and other reporters
XXXV Pay of witnesses
XXXVI Preservation and availability of noncurrent records of the House
XXXVII Withdrawal of papers
XXXIX Messages
XL Executive communications
XLI Qualifications of officers and employees
XLII General provisions
XLIII Code of Official Conduct
XLIV Financial disclosure
XLV Prohibition of unofficial office accounts
XLVI Limitations on use of the frank
XLVII Limitations on outside employment and earned income
XLVIII Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
XLIX Establishment of statutory limit on public debt
L Procedure for response to subpoenas
LI Gift rule